Dufferin Coaching Inn: A Home Away From Home

When travelling, once the wanderlust wears off, many of us start to miss our home comforts and yearn for familiar scents and sights. Here at Dufferin Coaching Inn, we take pleasure in putting your comfort first so we’ve listed some ways to help make your stay away that little bit more homely.

1. Bring a souvenir from home. Whether it be a pillow case, a photo of your loved ones, or a playlist that’s the soundtrack of familiar memories, we recommend making room for this in your suitcase.

2. Keep in touch with home. Technology can ease the symptoms of homesickness but our personal favourite is writing postcards to your friends and family. Take a few moments to scribble down highlights of your trip and post it as a keepsake for those at home. 

3. Sight-see! Immerse yourself in the area and after a day of exploring, meeting natives, and gorging on local cuisine, you’ll be too busy to remember you’re not in your usual surroundings.

4. Enjoy a cup of tea with your host. Owner and Operator of Dufferin Coaching Inn Leontine Haines is always on hand for a chat and cuppa. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.