Bring Something Different to your Wedding Day!

When it comes to your special day, you’ll want to make sure everything goes smoothly; that all amenities are perfect and it is a day that nobody will forget. To make sure your wedding is the stand-out celebration that you deserve, check out these top tips from the team at Dufferin Hall.

Pre-ceremony beverages:

Setting up a table filled with light drinks for your guests before the ceremony will add a nice touch. Think fruity cocktails (including non-alcoholic) or refreshing glasses of champagne to allow everyone to get into the party mood with a starting tipple. Plus taking a few sips yourself will help with any pre-wedding nerves! 


To-go gifts:

Send guests home with a personal gift so they leave the event feeling taken care of and content. It can be anything from personalised chocolates, to fun hangover kits or even facemasks for when they roll into bed that night. Thoughtful gifts are sure to keep guests talking even after the honeymoon is ended!

Stunning reception area:

Always remember, this is your special day and it has to be designed how you see fit.  If you have a passion for Italian flair, then go for an open -air chic style.  Or if you prefer a more modern touch, adding plenty of sleek couches and closing off different sections with curtains will add VIP vibes. If you’re opting to go the more laid-back quirky wedding route, then choose a venue that offers unique amenities including historical and delicate features. Think fairy lights and stone walls, wildflowers in tin cans, like these by Flowering Robin, DIY touches and casual dinner arrangements at communal tables.  Dufferin Coaching Inn & Hall offers the perfect backdrop for quirky weddings, providing a beautiful canvas which can be dressed up as much or as little as you please to create your wedding of dreams.

Unique menu options:

Gone are the days of ‘Chicken or Beef’ wedding dinners.  Have some fun with your wedding menu by combining the bride’s and groom’s favourite foods, or featuring a tasting menu highlighting exclusively local produce.  Planning a themed wedding? Why not carry your theme into your meal? Quirky nibbles during dinner will give guests something to talk about throughout the dinner and can also reflect the uniqueness of the bride and groom.  Try working with locally-based caterers like Posh Nosh to develop a bespoke menu which features the very best of local ingredients, or avoid a structured dinner all-together by offering waves of small plates delivered to guests’ tables rather than a rigid starter – main – dessert-based meal. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Try a wedding cake made of tiers of cheese. The options are limitless for creating a unique culinary experience for your wedding party.

Choreographed dances:

This will shock your party as well as impressing them. Thinking up a dance routine will add the different element people love; it can be the first dance with your other half, the bride and her bridesmaids or even the father/daughter dance. Imagine everyone’s surprise when you start throwing out the moves on the dancefloor as though you’re on strictly come dancing!  This option is especially great for couples who are nervous about the first dance, as it provides an easy way to tick off the wedding essential without the stress of freestyling! 

No matter what size or budget, your wedding should be special! People are there to celebrate the new chapter of your life with you, so start it off with a bang. Remember to surround yourself with helpful bridesmaids, vendors and venue contacts to ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible!

For more information on Dufferin Hall’s wedding offerings contact Leontine here.