2017 Wedding Cake Trends: Ask the Expert

In the world of weddings, more and more traditions are being left behind, but the wedding cake is here to stay! After all, who doesn’t like cake? Whilst some couples are opting for a more traditional tiered cake, others are choosing something a little more quirky for their big day. More fashion-forward designs and flavours are becoming on-trend including the marble look, floral designs, a ruffle effect and possibly the most popular type of design - personalised cakes.

We’ve caught up with Award-winning wedding cake specialist Natasha McQuillan to find out what trends to look out for this year.Natasha’s Sugar Flower Cake Company is both a Belfast and Moira based company specialising in gourmet wedding cakes that look fabulous, taste divine and are unique to you and your wedding day.

Hanging Cake.JPG

What is the most popular cake trend you’re seeing local brides embrace? 

Currently naked cakes and semi naked cakes are very popular! Metallics and Geode cakes are bang on trend at the moment, too. And anything rustic or with a little quirk is in high demand. I have set up quite a few varieties of the Hanging Cake and the Birch Bark style already this summer, but my order books have plenty more of these to come.

What’s the most popular cake flavour and what is the most unique cake flavour you’ve ever made for a wedding?

We do over 100 different flavours, including classics like chocolate, vanilla, lemon, chocolate fudge, salted caramel, red velvet, raspberry and white chocolate, and Malteaser, to name a few. I rarely fill an order where my double chocolate and salted caramel flavours aren’t featured. Most couples stick to the more traditional flavours, but the most adventurous of late have been a gin and tonic Cake with elderflower buttercream and an apple and cinnamon cake with custard buttercream.

How do you accommodate special eating requirements such as vegetarian and gluten free?

We do everything from gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegetarian and vegan. Intolerances are on the rise, so the market has accommodated well for these changes by supplying a wide range of gluten free flours and oil based butters etc. It is important for us to be able to accommodate everybody as well by providing tasty recipes for all, so you know if you have any special requirements you won’t need to skimp on flavour to meet your needs.

How do you estimate the amount of cake needed for your wedding?

I will normally ask a bride how many guests will be attending the wedding and the evening do and work out the size of cake required from there. I always remind the bride, that not every person will take cake, but ultimately, it is up to each couple how many portions they wish to get from their cake. If a couple like the look of more tiers but don't need all the cake, then there is always an option to have fake tiers, or if they prefer a smaller look, but need more cake, slab cake can be served to guests in addition to the cake set out on the table.

Naked Cake.JPG

How much should a bride expect to pay for a good cake?

It really depends what style of cake and what size you require. Broadly speaking, for an averaged sized 3-tier naked cake, the couple should plan to spend approximately £250, while a fondant-covered 3 tier cake with with a bit more detail would cost from £300.

Tiered Cake.JPG

What is the largest wedding cake you’ve made?

The largest order I have had to date for one wedding has been a three tier cake, a groom’s cake, 300 cake pops and 300 cupcakes! It was a busy week!

Birch Bark Cake.JPG

Tell me about your favourite wedding cake.

There are so many! I always love doing the birch bark cake. It’s something a little different and allows me to be creative. The incorporated carved inscription can also be tailored to include a personal note which acts as a conversation piece on the table in the reception.

Whatever design and flavour you choose, it’s safe to say that cake is the highlight of many peoples’ weddings! To avoid a last-minute cake panic, Natasha advises ordering your cake at least one year in advance of your Big Day.  To book a consultation with Natasha at Sugar Flower Cake Company contact her here.