Top Tips for a stress-free wedding day

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Over the years we have certainly seen our fair share of beautiful wedding celebrations, from large, bold and beautiful, to small, sleek and elegant. All weddings share many common elements including great laughs with close friends, special stolen moments with your newly betrothed, and of course, celebration. Despite some bride’s best efforts to avoid it, however, stress is another element that can easily find its way into the special day. If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding and find yourself fretting over the big day already, make sure to take a look at some of our top stress-busting tips to help you enjoy what many describe as ‘The best day of your life’.

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Get a good night’s rest

Understandably, as your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, being well-rested for it can be quite difficult as the pre-wedding jitters can leave lots of thoughts running through your head. Put your mind at ease by detaching from the planning - perhaps lose yourself in a favourite book or catch up with your bridesmaids – to help increase the odds of getting more than 40 winks!  As the night before the wedding is difficult for more brides and grooms to get a good night’s sleep, make an effort to sleep well the entire week leading up to the wedding.


Practice mindfulness

In the months, weeks, or even days running up to your wedding day, find out what works for you in terms of relaxing your mind and body. Activities like yoga, meditation or writing in a journal are excellent ways to help you deal with moments where everything may seem a little overwhelming. Just remember to breathe and everything will follow!

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Pamper yourself

This is a must-do for every bride (and groom)! On the night before the big day enjoy a luxurious bubble bath, a massage and a good catch up with your nearest and dearest. The night before is not the time to be stressing about place settings or party favours!

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Allow extra time

Allowing extra time for anything in life whether it be interviews, appointments, or your very own wedding day, is something that many parents try to instil in their children from a young age. Even if you find yourself still struggling with this as a twenty/thirty something adult, this is an invaluable piece of advice that will go a long way on your wedding day. Even if you have every aspect of your big day meticulously planned to a tee, giving yourself that little extra bit of time will go a long way in reducing your stress levels.


Have everything prepared for the morning

Dedicating a little time to organising your wardrobe for the next day is certainly an element of planning that you will thank yourself for! Whether you’re getting ready by yourself, or have your full wedding party in tow, help get your day off to a smooth start by prepping dresses, suits, accessories and shoes. Having all the items perfectly laid out will also help your photographer get some great shots to capture the moment!  If you plan to go straight from your reception to your honeymoon, make sure you have a bag packed with all the essentials which can be handed off to a bridesmaid to avoid any logistical issues on the day.

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Surround yourself with a calming atmosphere

A calming environment can do a lot for anyone’s mood. As you get yourself ready on the morning of the big day why not fill your home or hotel room with some calming scents and relaxing music? Rosemary, lavender and ylang-ylang are just some great scents that can help promote a warm and positive energy.

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Take a step back from planning

Que sera, sera – what will be will be. You can spend every minute up to your wedding day planning and revising your plans, but after that it’s important to fully embrace the day and all the wonderfulness that comes with it, both planned and unplanned. By drawing a line in the sand for the planning, you can let yourself relax and share an amazing day with your loved ones who have gathered to celebrate with you.

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Pack an emergency kit

Whether it be for yourself, your lovely bridesmaids, or perhaps friends and family in your wedding party, it’s always great to have an emergency kit to hand. This collection of ‘just in case’ items is perfect to save the day and help to avoid moments of panic ensued from either a hairstyle coming slightly undone, or perhaps a button popping off a dress. There is no set rule for what these kits can include but it’s worth researching at some great kits brides or bridesmaids have created in the past and draw on them for inspiration! You’ll be surprised by how much relief a mini sewing kit, tweezers, plasters, a few paracetamol or hair pins can give you!

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Put your trust in the hands of professionals

Surrounding yourself with a great team of wedding professionals on the day will help to take the stress off so you can enjoy your day.  Professional photographers, wedding coordinators, and musicians are used to the high-pressure atmosphere of a wedding and are often the ones you will turn to if plans go slightly askew.  Dufferin’s wedding coordinator is your guiding hand on the big day and the months leading up to it while you plan your Dufferin Hall wedding.  From details of drinks receptions, guest logistics, and colour scheme input to recommendations for top-notch wedding suppliers, our wedding coordinator is a fantastic resource who can help you make your day run smoothly, down to the smallest details.