Top tips for your special day

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From the day a proposal is accepted, right through to the exchange of wedding vows in front close family and friends, a wedding is an exciting, magical and – let’s face it – slightly stressful time for any couple. Regardless of whether the couple prefers a short or a long engagement, every wedding will have certain elements in common, be them planning a venue, deciding on dresses or suits, or selecting who you would like to invite to share in the celebrations.

We have seen our fair share of weddings over the years at Dufferin Hall and our wedding coordinator has shared some helpful tips to get the most out of planning your big day for soon to be newlyweds.

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Firstly, don’t panic!

Flapping may be your first instinct – organising the most important day of your life does seem like a daunting task – but try your best to not give in to it. It is important to remember that every task is within your control and can be broken down into easier, bite-size pieces. Work closely with your other half to see what kind of wedding you envision - from what song you want to accompany your first dance, to selecting a colour scheme and considering who you would like to invite – and then plot in the smaller steps you need to do to make your shared wedding dreams a reality.  Setting yourself deadlines along the way is a great way to make sure you stay on track.

Lean on your best friends and family

Close family and friends are invaluable when it comes to your wedding day and are there as a great support in the moments where you may feel the panic rising. Don’t be afraid to ask if you ever find yourself in need of a little help. From delegating the smaller tasks of picking up dresses, suits or flowers, to larger decisions such as helping you decide on your venue, your loved ones are a great help, and in many cases they will be honoured to get involved!

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Do plan a wedding gift list

Over the years the idea of a wedding registry has fallen slightly out of favour, but these can help to give guests an idea of what you’d like and will provide an added benefit for you and take some pressure off your guests! Whether you have specific items in mind or would prefer a gift of money towards something for your new home, ensure that your guests are aware of this. By including a little information on your invite to guests, you can easily avoid years of hiding unwanted gifts from distant relatives in your attic!

Big doesn’t necessarily mean better

When it comes to your wedding and evening celebrations, don’t feel the need to invite every relative and friend in your address book for the sake of a big wedding!  Having more people present doesn’t always mean there is going to more fun. Over the years, Dufferin Hall has played host to some beautiful, quaint and intimate wedding receptions carefully tailored to suit each of our beautiful couples. Hosting an intimate celebration enables the bride and groom to make their rounds and have memorable moments with each guest rather than rushing past each table.

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Enjoy a special moment with one another

Amongst the celebrations, make sure to grab a special moment with your newly betrothed. From exchanging vows and enjoying speeches, to entertaining your guests and dancing the night away, your wedding day is a whirlwind that can pass by in the blink of an eye. Many of couples at Dufferin have noted how much they enjoyed simply sharing a peaceful moment with one another and letting the reality of the day sink in when waiting for their guests to arrive.

Most importantly…have fun!

Every stage of your wedding is magical – from planning, right through to the big day itself and the fun-filled honeymoon that follows – make sure you embrace every moment and make memories to last the length of your long and happy marriage.

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