Pennywise Wedding Planning

Once engaged, it’s very easy to get swept away with the romance and ignore all logic, including sensible spending, in pursuit of your perfect wedding.  At Dufferin Coaching Inn & Hall we believe that you don’t need to splurge to achieve sparkle on your big day.

Here are a few tips on how organise a frugal fairy-tale:


1.       Vintage gems – Some things never go out of style and this is especially true when it comes to special occasions. Consider sourcing second-hand wedding props from sites like Bride 2 Bride, Preloved, or even your local Buy and Sell on Facebook. Using vintage pieces to style your wedding will help save money whilst adding character to the look and feel of your day.

2.       Smart venue hire – Where you choose to spend your wedding has a big impact on how much you spend. Smaller, intimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular and a modest guest list can make the day more special as you prioritise quality over quantity. At Dufferin Coaching Inn & Hall we want to keep your costs to a minimum so that you can hang onto your savings for your Happily Ever After. Our bespoke wedding package entails a £450 hire fee including event space with access for the week leading up to your event, rustic dining furniture, tableware, a fully-stocked and staffed licensed bar and  a complimentary one-night stay for the bride and groom on their wedding night.

3.       InstaWeddings – Shrink your photography bill by encouraging guests to snap and upload their pictures using a hashtag to Instagram. Not only will you require fewer professional shots to be taken but you’re more likely to receive an influx of unique pictures that exclusively capture the day’s most precious moments. If you and your Other Half are especially tech savvy you can set up a live stream to be projected onto a wall, adding an element of interactivity to the day for your guests!

4.       Get crafty – Take matters into your own hands and make items yourself where possible. Unleash your inner Bake-Off champion and whip up your own cake, or if you’re not au fait with decorating why not bake the sponge and let a pro add the finishing touches? Organise a girls’ night in and ask your friends to lend a hand with assembling party favours and table-top decorations to cut costs while catching up. 

5.       Thrifty Honeymooning – If your dream destination after your nuptials is a pretty penny paradise, look at alternative travel modes and accommodation types to help afford the romantic escape. Forgo flying during peak times and opt for off-season periods, or why not jump on the Euro Tunnel and do a road trip around the Mediterranean? Swap the expensive hotel stay for a holiday home rental, check out sites like Airbnb to find your perfect lavish palace.