Top secrets for a good night’s sleep

In need of more shut eye? Are you longing for a morning when you can wake up feeling rested and ready for the day? 

Seven to nine hours is often cited as the recommended daily dose of sleep for adults but, for some, the bare minimum can even prove difficult. This might be down to an overactive mind, hectic work schedule, busy household, a spate of insomnia… or all the above!

At Dufferin sleep obviously plays an important part of our guests’ visits and we like to think we have become experts in providing a relaxed environment conducive to getting a bit of shut-eye and recharging the batteries. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to impart a few top tips we have gathered up over the years.

Create a calm and restful sleep environment

Creating a peaceful environment before tucking in for the night could make a huge difference to your sleeping experience. Try lighting a gorgeous locally-sourced candle like those from Castle Hill or Adrift to fill the room with soothing smells. A few drops of lavender oil on your pillow could also prove beneficial or try sipping on a warming cup of chamomile tea before heading to bed for the night.  

Swap smartphones for a paperback

Scrolling through your phone at night might have become a bit of a habit but if you’re really wanting to wind down naturally then a bedtime read could be the answer. Dufferin has a list of favourite bedtime reads from local authors, including any read by David Park – a County Down author – or The Traveller’s Guide to Love by Helen Nicholl, a romantic novel based among the dolmens and cairns of Strangford and Downpatrick!

Non-alcoholic nightcap

Although a sturdy alcoholic drink might be tempting at times to slip into a deep sleep, choosing a non-alcoholic version will prove to be a more sustainable option and one that could avoid a headache or two in the morning. Add a kick to classic warm milk with a hint of cinnamon and spoonful of honey or have a “dry” hot-toddy made up of hot water, cloves, lemon, and a dash of ginger cordial. 

Bedtime Salutations

Doing anything overactive before going to bed at night might be too much for the body however the powers of Yoga or Pilates are likely to relax you into the night. It is also likely to bring your mind into a more serene and tranquil state and drawing your attention to your breath. We love local aerial yoga with Nirvana Yoga in Downpatrick or try a bedtime yoga session with Tara Stiles on YouTube before sliding under the covers for the night.

Book a relaxing break to reset your body clock

A change of scenery might be all that is needed to help you unwind and relax, and with the ever-popular trend of ‘hygge’ – the Danish art of taking genuine pleasure in settling in and relaxing as you focus on the small things in life – booking in to a long weekend or overnight stay at Dufferin might be just the ticket for getting back-to-basics and calming the mind. After a long day walking the many local trails and paths and taking in fresh air or sipping a leisurely cup of tea as you snuggle up in a four poster bed with a great read, we guarantee you’ll be nodding off in no time!